dyeing with mushrooms – 1

Yesterday I started an experiment with Polyporus badius: a common mushroom growing on dead wood. I found some old fruiting bodies a month ago, there were already completely dried up. I did a test with a drop KOH on the cap and it produced a nice red-brown colour, so I thought it has potential as a dye fungus, although it is not mentioned in any of the sources I consulted. Yesterday, I cut them in small pieces and put then in . jar with diluted ammonia, in order to have a rather high pH, and put it in the window sill. Already today, after 24 hours, the colour of the liquid changed to reep red-brown with a slight violaceous tinge. Will be continued …..

polyporus badius
polyporus badius / peksteel
polyporus badius
small pieces in jar
After 24 hours in ammonia: water 1:1